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Basti woven bath towel folded

With a focus on small-batch production, each piece showcases the unique mastery and individuality of the weaver as seen in the unique colors and patterns of these one-of-a-kind items

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shuttle looms from camarines sur

Basti emerged from a deep understanding that many cherished traditional practices that define cultures are slowly fading away. We are committed to doing our part to preserve the tradition of handcrafted weaving that has been part of the fabric of many cultures

About Basti
a weaver from the Bicol region of the Philippines

The Bicol region in the Philippines is a small, lesser-known hub of traditional weaving, producing high quality heirloom designs and fabrics. For centuries, Bicolano weavers have been creating exquisite fabrics using traditional handloom techniques. The town of Buhi in particular, is the center of this weaving culture, where skilled weavers create intricate designs and patterns using high-quality materials.

The Weavers of Bicol