Handwoven Towel Care Guide

Handwoven Towel Care Guide

Hello there! Did you just get one of our handwoven towels or are thinking of getting one? You might notice that the towels may feel a little different than conventional towels. Don't worry, this is perfectly natural and how we indented it to be. Certain types of fabrics used to make towels need a little bit of extra care to get the best out of them.

When properly activated and taken care of, our handwoven towels will last for years to come and will surely out-live their mass produced counterparts. The good news is, activating and taking care of your handwoven towels is simple and straightforward. We list down the simple steps below.


Why do our handwoven towels need to be activated? Unlike mass produced towels, we get our towels right after they are made by the artisan weavers we work with. The towels are not pre-soaked or washed in any way, which is good since they are not exposed to any harsh cleaning chemicals that are sometimes used in commercial washing settings. 

Activating your bath or hand towel is a simple process. All you need to do is soak, and dry! For soaking, we recommend soaking the towel in cold water for 10-12 hours. This allows the fibers in the towel to expand and relax, activating their water absorbing properties and making it softer in the process.

After the towel has soaked and its fibers are bursting with water, it's time to take it out and wring it as best you can to remove all that liquid and simply hang it to dry completely before using. 

This simple process ensures that your towel is at its best before you start using it. We encourage you not to skip this step to ensure you get the best possible experience with your handwoven towel. 

Oh No! I Forgot to Activate! 

We get it, it's exciting to use them right away! If you forgot to activate before using, there's nothing to worry about! In fact, you probably thought that the towel worked pretty well anyway. If you forgot to do the initial steps, you can try washing the towel either by hand or in the washing machine with a cup of white vinegar (no soap or detergent needed). The vinegar will work to soften the towel and improve its ability to absorb water. Furthermore, it will also clean the towel and eliminate any bacteria that may have built up. It is actually a good idea to do this with all of your textiles from time to time as it is a good way to eliminate any bacteria that may have built up over time that regular detergent missed. 


Regular Care

Like how the artisans made our handwoven towels with utmost love and care, you will also need to show it some love to get the most out of it. It's recommended that you avoid bleach or fabric softeners when you wash your towels. These damage the towel and will eventually lead to a build-up to residue on the fibers, affecting their ability to absorb water. You should also try and avoid high heat, trying your best to keep the towel out of the dryer as much as possible. Line or air dry will be the best way to dry the towels as high heat will lead to a weakening of the towel's fibers.

There's no reason to be intimidated by a handwoven towel. It just takes a little love in the beginning and you'll have a towel that will take care of you for years to come. Choose your first (or next) handwoven bath towel or hand towel and see the difference. 

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